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What should a couple prepare before meeting with their planner for the first time

Before meeting with your event planner its great to have a few answers ready to some very important questions.

Photo by: Barnhart Photography

The following is a great beginners list:

1. Where is the location of your wedding? If you do not have a location in mind what are 3 elements that you need your venue to have (i.e. should it be urban, have water elements, stone/brick, two-story windows, greenery, etc.)

2. How many guests will you be inviting?

3. What is your on day budget? (this will be the most important question) – your planner will help you balance out your budget and which vendors & their quality will be best within your budgetary requirements.

4. What services will you need? Although there are similarities with each wedding, there are definite differences and your planner will be able to highlight your unique attributes to make your day shine.

5. What suppliers will you want to hire? This is great in the way it goes hand in hand with the services you need. We once had a couple needing a DDR machine and that was very important to them. Not every couple will want a DDR machine.

6. What are your special requirements for your wedding venue?

7. Do you have guests with any food or dietary restrictions any allergies?

8. What is your color palette? Start with 2-3 colors and then you can choose a couple others as your accents.

9. What would you like to have as a theme?

10. What is your favorite flower? What flowers are you allergic too?

11. What are your visions of the day?

Some other important questions are:   How do you want to feel on the day of your wedding? How do you want your guests to feel? What are three important moments you do not want to miss on your wedding day?

Planning a wedding can be stressful and at times overwhelming but our Planners, Coordinators and Designers are always here for you and look forward to hearing about your love story! Call us 847-675-3789 or text us at 847-892-6125 <3

Photo: Barnhart Photography


Dear Boho Bride …. We LOVE You

It takes a unique person to embody the Bohemian flair and carry the exceptional style throughout the elements of their wedding. Many brides don’t know where to start or if they are doing “too much” or “too little” and then end up scraping their idea all together for a look that doesn’t really fit them and doesn’t capture the love the couple has for each other.

Well, we wanted to tell you “STOP”… Stop throwing your dreams away and BEGIN looking and what will work best for your special day! Remember…’s in the details and all these details are too yummy not to share!

We simply love this Bohemian Style with an Eastern Flair and we are thrilled to share it with all of you 🙂

This look was created to show every Boho Bride the ways you can incorporate Macramé, lace, minimalistic pieces, the unconventional ideals, your mom’s 1970’s throw pillows, lanterns, and lovely color (subtle and bold) into a gorgeous wedding look that is authentic to you, feels perfect and dazzles your guests!

First: Location Location Location!!!

Your venue should fit you. It should fit the vibe and ambiance of the wedding day that you would like to achieve. Too many of our couples have booked a hall simply because it was close by or because they were offered a special deal and then end up regretting it and feeling as if they are stuffing a “square peg” idea into a “round hole” setting.

Galleria Marchetti gave use the perfect backdrop! Stone on ¾ of the walls and floors, exposed brick as a central focal point with real ivy growing throughout, and multiple Moroccan/Tuscany inspired tiled mosaics scattered in the glassed encased room as well as the outdoor adjacent terrace.

BINGO! This was brilliant! And our perfect Boho Venue!

Once the ambiance is picked it’s down to the best colors to really create the feel, warmth, and energy of the day. We always build from our primary bold colors and layer in our more subtle complimentary colors. This will also help with what colors you would like to carry throughout each component of your overall look (i.e. bridesmaid dresses, groomsmen suits/tuxedos, linens, paper goods, cake, etc.) So many ways to bring in your favorite colors!

Our Primary Colors:

Our Secondary Colors:

Properly working with your colors calls for a bit of planning and we say start with your tablescape and vision board. Cut out pictures with colors of pieces that you love! A teal/aloe blue cake, teal bridesmaid dresses, gold accent pieces, pale peachy flowers, etc. That way you can start to play around with the look and feel over everything. Then start narrowing down what speaks to you the most. What do you get most excited about when you see it and work from there?

For this specific look, a more toned down, warm color palette allowed the beautiful boho/eastern inspired pieces to play center stage.

We began where we always begin …..Linen! Start from the bottom and work your way up. The warm colors of the metropolitan table linen from Windy City Linen

The metropolitan table linen from Windy City Linens

Hints of Gold Sown through each of the table linens


Antique Gold, Pale Peach and Sage Napkins were used to pop color over the ornate chargers.

Simple pops of color add warmth and energy to this gorgeous design. Your love is simply showcased in all the details!

The cake is something that was extremely important as it was not only a focal point to the entire day but it also brought in the shades of teal and aloe blue with a beautiful macramé accent which encompassed the boho vibe. So scrumptious and dreamy to look at! Amy Beck hit it out of the park with this stunning design!



Gorgeous hues of teal and aloe blue spread throughout the cake and complimented by eggplant, green, and creamy whites. Simply beautiful artistry!

What is a boho style in a bridal dress? This questions is difficult as every boho bride has her own way of showcasing her style and take on the term. But we would say, lite, airy, whimsical, lacey, a little mermaid tail but not a 10ft train. Something that is either loose or clings a bit to the body to show off a bit of a curve. It’s up to you on how “Boho” you plan on making your day.

Once we saw this at Eva’s International Bridal …..we simply couldn’t get our eyes off this semi-mermaid, lace detailed, curve hugging dress!




Pave, minimilastic floral design captures the whimsical nature of this couple. Taking antique photo frames and building a pave design within them using vintage roses (crème de la crème, faith, quick sand, cool water, sweet Eskimo, lemonade, amnesia, and earl grey) and hints of lisantus and fruits made this design and understated yet sweet look that enraptures guests at each table. Able to easily converse while admiring the details is appreciated and admired by all who attend. A custom macrame, hooped bridal bouquet perfectly tied in the cake and entire theme in its simplistic design.


Custom jeweled menu cards were topped with ivory macaroons with a simple brush of dusted gold.  Gilded elephants, with place name settings, were provided at each setting as they are said to bring luck, strength, and stability by many Eastern cultures.

Traditional jewelry and accessory pieces were used in non-traditional fashion to accentuate our Eastern Flair. Soft pink makeup was used to represent Jaipur and simplified to epitomize the entire look of the day. Modest curls and half fishtail that trailed down, emulated the buttons on the back of the dress, was topped with a marque double diamond.


A blue tuxedo suit was perfect to tie in all blue accents for the day, from vintage jewelry to the cake!



Proud to have this original featured on Chicago Style Weddings:

Credits: Venue: Galleria Marchetti, Photography: Michelle Cox Photography & Kimberly Rensburg Photography, Floral, Décor & Styling: Kensington Floral & Events, Cake & Sweets: Amy Beck Cake Design, Bride’s Gown: Evas Bridal InternationalFormalwear: Emanuele Tuxedo Hair & Makeup: MAS Makeup Artistry, Videography: Diesel Beats TVStationery: Flyy Design Creative,  Jewelry & Accessories: Calla Couture JewelersLinens: Windy City Linens 



Anemones for daaayyysss…..

Anemones are such a lovely addition to any bouquet!

Which variety would you like in your bouquet? Classic white or a pop of gorgeous color?

Trust Kensington to bring your vision to life with custom floral designs for your special day! Whether its anemones, calla lilies, thistle, roses, tulips and more, we arrange the most breathtaking bouquets and floral decor for all of our clients! Happy Blooming ….

We look forward to working with you soon!  Call: 847-675-3789 or TEXT: 847-892-6125

Creative Partners:
Group 1: Photography By Lauryn
Group 2: Anamaria Vieriu Photography
Group 3: Katie Ricard Photography


An Afternoon of Luxury …

An Afternoon of Bridal Luxury: The Wedding Walk
by Franklin J., Event Planner at Kensington Florals & Events
One of the most wonderful things about living in one of the greatest cities in the world (Chicago, of course!) is being able to get married in a town with so much history, culture and diversity. The home of the Blackhawks, deep dish pizza and Cloud Gate has become an epicenter for Midwest brides and grooms, becoming a source of inspiration and a leader in modern luxury. As a Chicago bride or groom, there are so many resources here in the city and surrounding suburbs that are available to you to make your wedding day as special and as magical as you dreamed it to be.

On Sunday, October 26th, I had the pleasure to experience a bridal expo like no other: Oak Street’s 8th Annual Charitable Wedding Walk sponsored by Modern Luxury Brides. Now when I first heard of the event, I had no idea what to expect. Was this a standard wedding expo but disguised the name to make it more appealing? Was this a walkathon on Lake Shore Drive? Am I wearing the right shoes to be doing all of this walking? Nothing could have prepared me for what I was about to experience…

I hopped in a cab and arrived at 980 N Michigan Ave, arriving at Spiaggia Private Events. When we arrived (I dragged a skeptical friend along for the mysterious ride, why go down the rabbit hole alone?) the CS team checked us in, and from the next room over we could hear a string quartet still playing as other staff members began to tear down the space. We arrived a little late for the festivities there, but the CS team assured us we still have plenty of time to see and experience the rest of the Wedding Walk. We were handed a “treasure map” with stores and businesses along Oak Street and the surrounding streets that were participating, what we were to see and experience before our final destination. We grabbed our complimentary tote and off on our journey down Oak Street; Chicago’s own 5th Avenue, we went.

We arrived at our first destination, Lanvin, and as soon as we walked in, we were greeted by the wonderful Lanvin team as well as treats from Vanille Patisserie. We blinked and next thing we knew we were on an elevator to the 3rd floor to see the spring 2015 bridal couture collection by the brand. And that’s when it hit me… I am experiencing Chicago bridal luxury at its very finest! (Eat your heart out Carrie Bradshaw!!) From there we continued on our journey, enjoying the Indian summer weather, skipping from Jewelry stores Lester Lampert and Buccellati, stopping by the Perfect Setting for some entertaining ideas, and peeking at the stylish collections of Carolina Herrera and Kate Spade. Each stop we were greeted by brand experts who provided extraordinary service, providing a one on one experience like no other. Each retail store had some of Chicago’s top bakeries providing samples of their work, including Elysia Root Cakes and Toni Patisserie and Café. Other locations provided champagne and hors d’oeuvres to the guests journeying on this wedding walk. We were running out of time so we did skip a few spots, however we made sure to stop by The Thompson Hotel and Gibson’s Steakhouse, checking out spaces to host smaller, intimate functions such as a rehearsal dinner or bridal shower.

And of course they save the best stop for last. We arrived at a modern luxury hotel like no other… The Waldorf Astoria Chicago. As we turned the corner, we knew we were exactly where thousands of other brides dreamed of being. We arrived to the 3rd floor ballrooms where we met with other vendors Elizabeth Grace (one of my favorites!), David Rothstein Music, Bella Bridesmaids, Spin-Spun and BBJ Linens. And we received our “Swag Bag”, which officially puts any other bag that I have ever received in the past to shame. From treats to discounts to special offers this bag had EXACTLY everything a Chicago luxury bride or groom needed to plan and execute their perfect day.

As an up-and-coming Wedding and Event Planner here in the city with Kensington Florals & Events, I highly recommend this experience to any Bride or Groom looking for a different experience. You get exposed to the higher end of the wedding industry, get one-on-one service at your own pace, and really control who and what you want to see! This is also great for brides who might not have a luxury budget, but can come to this event for inspiration, and really see what the city of Chicago has to offer. Would I go next year? Of course! Maybe I can bring a few more of you brides and grooms down the rabbit hole with me…


Fresh Flower Care

Fresh Flower Care:

Did you recently receive flowers for Valentine’s Day, a Birthday, your Anniversary, or just because and want to know how to extend the life of your flowers? To keep your blooms in tip top shape and blooming for longer periods of time, follow these instructions:
• Every 3-4 days make sure to take the flowers out of the vase/container they are in. Wash the stems with slightly cold water and cut 1-2 inches, preferably on a 45° angle so that the floral stems can soak up water easier and faster than a straight across cut. Wash the vase entirely. This will guarantee that any bacteria that could be forming from the stems or from the leaves is completely gone and giving the flowers a fresh start.
• Pick 1 of the following options to put into your new clean vase and fresh cut flowers:
o It may sound crazy but 3-4 drops of bleach in fresh clean water will help keep the bacteria away and your blooms thriving.
o A ¼ cup of soda water in fresh water will also help with your flowers longevity
o A cube of sugar with a 1 copper penny can be a safe and fun trick to use
o 2 tbsp of sugar and 2 tbsp of apple cider vinegar also keep the elasticity of your fresh cut blooms

• All of these options are great ways to improve the life of your flowers and make them last as long as possible. Pick the option you feel most comfortable and make that every 3-4 days you upkeep the task