Honoring Love with Innovative Filmography

Working in the wedding industry, one is often surrounded by extremely creative and competent teams of people, whose sole mission is to transmogrify into the very dream weavers that make a couple’s “big day” everything they imagined. Many succeed, but few go above and beyond. Few capture the extraordinary intimate dance of two souls daring to believe that lifelong love is possible. Amor in Motion is one such example. The videographers at Amor in Motion dare to step beyond professionalism. They possess that rare blend of technical ‘know-how’ and artistic intuition that translates into the kind of ineffable magic so many dream of on their wedding day. The staff is compromised of an innovative and schooled team of filmmakers whose attention to detail and knack for storytelling set them apart aesthetically and philosophically from any other wedding-media outlet in the city. All one needs to do is visit their website, and one is immediately swept into the graceful nuance of love, life, and landscape, meticulously scored, and edited with extraordinary craftsmanship. Their breathtaking work is truly a gift to experience. The fact that they use their talents to honor love in such an intimate manner, speaks so highly of their dedicated team, and it’s mission to bring excellence to the industry.

Please enjoy our conversation with the Creative Director of Amor In Motion:

Kensington: What kind of camera do you use?
Amor: 6D, GH4, and A7s.

K: Why did you choose this equipment over all other choices?
Amor: We really like the skin color tone that Canon delivers and the slow-motion and cinematic look of the GH4 as well as the amazing low-light capabilities and other features of the A7s and A7s mark II.

K: What got you into this field?
Amor: My passion for music and experience in music production, and its overlap with the film industry.

K: Did you have formal training? Or did you learn on the go?
Amor: Our team of cinematographers have all studied film or media/arts, but my background is actually in music production.
K: What is your favorite moment with a couple?
Amor: When they forget everything and everyone around them and enjoy themselves. It’s those stolen moments that we aim to capture.

K: What is your favorite element of the wedding/event industry?
Amor: Becoming best friends with the couple by the end of the night! Maybe this is unusual but I can’t even count how many times the bride and groom have clung onto me during my goodbye and begged me to stay for a few shots and to party with them. A close second is when we’ve finished a highlight film and hold our breath as we hit “SEND.” Many times we get a response within minutes, and I’m talking 5 paragraphs of pure excitement. It’s a wonderful feeling.

K: Do you have a favorite memory?
Amor: Once this couple texted me a photo of themselves after watching their video, all puffy eyed and red. It was awesome.

K: Who are three videographers you look up to/ inspire you?
Amor: Edgar Reyes, Salomon Lightelm and Francisco Montoro

K: What piece of advice would you give to a couple in choosing a videographer?
Amor: Watch more than just one of their films. Every company has a few portfolio worthy pieces, those are the ones on their main page. How many others are they displaying? How long have they been in business? How many reviews have they accumulated during that time? Don’t be fooled by fancy terms like “award winning” and “featured by..” I came across a company whose title said something like “World reknown …owner’s name here.” I could not find him anywhere.
K: What is your favorite moment you have captured?
Amor: Too hard to pick just one! Generally speaking I love picking up on the relationship dynamic of a couple and really portraying that in film. I think every wedding cinematographer would agree that working with people who are crazy in love is the best luck you can have.

Has there ever been a moment you thought you missed but upon editing realized you captured?

Amor: This is somewhat of a nerve-wracking industry isn’t it?! There are no do-overs, you get one opportunity to capture a moment. There have been a few scares but thankfully things have always worked out.

K: What do you feel are the pros and cons of the wedding/event industry?
Amor: This may not be the kind of answer you want to publish but the level of superficiality sometimes gets to me. Just a bit too hallmark. I’m a dude, but still, when it’s more about the place, the vendors, and the decor…and the couple is burned out from planning…they’ve kind of missed the point. It’s a shame when one gets so wrapped up in everything going smoothly that they miss out on the joy and significance of what is really taking place. Hire yourself a good planner and don’t let the small details get to you! Nevertheless, we try to make them comfortable, make them remember the reason they’re doing this.

K: What piece of advice would you give to an aspiring videographer?
Amor: Shoot! Shoot! Shoot! Get out there with your camera and use it every opportunity you get, and then watch and edit your own footage! Only by being familiar with your footage will you be able to improve. I’m still working on things. Coasting does not set you apart from others.

K: What is that something special you give to your clients?
Amor: Our desire to improve and impress and to create a really unique experience. Each film is meant to be a work of art. We hope that shows. In addition to the film, we add a personalized hand drawn title to each piece – we use this in each film and then engrave it on the box they receive with their hard drive: Artistic process. Some couples have taken advantage of this value-add and used the title in their wedding invitations

K: Do you have any deals/special offers going on you would like to mention?
Amor: We’ll launch promotions from time to time, mainly through the winter season. Never hurts to ask!